Visit Charges (with effect from 1st September 2015)

It has been over three years since we last reviewed our charges and with the current increase in maintenance, insurance and fuels costs we have had to make some changes to our visit charges.

We have simplified the system by reducing the number of regions and also to ensure all our fees are as transparent as possible. It is worked out using Google Maps from our postcode (RG40 5RW) to your postcode.


  • Region 1   up to 5 miles   Free
  • Region 2   6- 10 miles      £24.00
  • Region 3   11-15 miles      £36.00
  • Region 4   16-20 miles      £48.00
  • Region 5   21-25 miles      £60.00
  • Region 6   26-30 miles      £72.00
  • Region 7   31-40 miles      £80.00


Shared visits can still be split equally between clients.


Scott Dunns Ambulatory Service

Please note these changes will take effect from 1st September 2015.

Download PDF of charges


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